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Join our Chief Armorer Robb Jensen in this two-hour workshop, in which he will provide you with the knowledge necessary to safely and properly clean your firearm. Our armorer staff will walk you through the disassembly (field strip), cleaning products and techniques, proper lubrication, preventive maintenance, and reassembly of your handgun. Have questions about customization and pros and cons of parts changes? Our armorers will answer any of these questions in a 30-minute Q&A as a part of the workshop.

PRICE: $45 (non-refundable). Must be 21 or older to take this course.

SCHEDULE: The workshop is two hours in length and includes classroom instruction only.


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Unloaded firearm (revolver or semi-automatic pistol), owner's manual, and the cleaning kit of your choice.

NOTE: At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will receive a $10 voucher to be used toward any firearm cleaning service at Elite Shooting Sports.


DescriptionInstructorStart DateEnd DateTimes
Select11/14/2021 HANDGUN CLEANINGESS STAFF11/14/2111/14/21Sundays 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM