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Elite Shooting Sports: About Us

Elite Shooting Sports is NOT affiliated with any other range, philosophically, financially, or otherwise.


Greg Wodack, Managing Partner/General Manager

Elite Shooting Sports, LLC is the lifelong ambition and passion of Greg Wodack. Greg has been a competitive shooter for over 30 years. He is an IPSC Grand Master and IDPA Multi Gun Master. From 1997 to 2000, he was ranked in the top twenty of open Grand Masters in the world. Greg has multiple law enforcement and civilian instructor certifications and has shot and taught on ranges all over the country. Greg is the former manager of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Headquarters Range one of the busiest indoor shooting ranges in the country. During his 15 year tenure at the NRA Greg was awarded a total of six outstanding achievement awards including the prestigious Executive Vice Presidents Award the highest honor given to an NRA employee. Greg is involved in range consultation all over the United States. Across the country he is well regarded as one of the leading experts in building and successfully operating an indoor shooting range. Greg has also worked as a subject matter expert for a variety of companies and television shows, including some of Hollywood’s most well-known production companies, such as Jerry Bruckheimer Films. In his free time, Greg loves spending time with his three daughters and is very passionate about bowhunting.

Vince Cavaleri
Vince is the Chief Range Safety Officer/Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports. After a distinguished career in the United States Navy, including as a member of the USN/NAS Shooting Team, Vince worked with a variety of high level companies holding a top secret clearance for over 30 years in the field of complex electronic systems design, development and testing. Vince is a certified Firearm Instructor, Training Counselor, and VA Hunter Education Instructor. As part of the NRA’s Range Team he was actively involved in the opening of the NRA Headquarters Range from concept through construction to operational status. After 17 years with the NRA, 15 years with Greg Wodack, Vince left the NRA to help Greg with Elite Shooting Sports. Vince wears a lot of hats here at Elite from Instructor development to official photographer. When he is not instructing you can usually find him with his camera among the customers making sure everyone is staying safe and having a good time while providing us with some really awesome photos of all the action here at Elite Shooting Sports.

Paul Ellis
Paul joins Elite Shooting Sports as Managing Director with more than 20 years of experience serving, managing, and instructing in the military, security, and law enforcement communities. For the last 13 years, Paul has worked at OMNISEC International, including his last role as Director of Training and Compliance, where he lead certified training academies nationwide and cadre responsible for more than 500 classes a year. During his career, Paul was qualified in many specialized disciplines such as SWAT, Sniper, Anti-Terrorism Diver, etc. He is Master/Senior Instructor or armorer for many entities such as the Virginia DCJS, Maryland State Police, ASP, Monadnock, Smith and Wesson, Benelli, Barrett, Colt, Stress-Vest, Sig Sauer, Heckler and Koch, Glock, Beretta, Remington, and the NRA Law Enforcement Division. Paul enjoys spending his free time outdoors with his family, hunting with his daughters, and volunteering as a firearms instructor for the Boy Scouts, 4-H, and as a Virginia Hunter Education instructor.

Alexa Wodack
Alexa manages the Café here at Elite Shooting Sports. Alexa is responsible for ordering and stocking a variety of goods sold at the Café as well as arranging catering for groups and special events here at Elite Shooting Sports. She is also responsible for the entire Café budget, marketing, supervising, scheduling, and training of the staff. In her time off, Alexa coaches the current state champion competition cheerleading squad and is going to school for Herbal Science and Holistic Medicine.

Cindy Roatch
Cindy is our Customer Relations Manager. She retired from Fairfax County after 28 years of service. Most of her career, she served as a police dispatcher, fire dispatcher, and 9-1-1 call taker. Ending her career as a Communications Operations Supervisor, she joined our team here at Elite Shooting Sports one year later. Among her many duties, Cindy oversees our Customer Service Department, where she is often fondly referred to as everyone’s second Mom. She is the primary point of contact for our customers, ensuring all of their needs and special requests are met. Additionally, Cindy responsible for answering e-mail and phone inquiries, organizing corporate and group events, scheduling private instructions, and the development and implementation of customer service policy and procedures. We are very fortunate to have Cindy take care of all of us here at Elite.

Amanda Colavita
Amanda is the senior member of the Customer Service Department. Most folks recognize her as the first smiling face you see when you come in the door. Amanda came to us from the Fairfax County Court System after a career time out as a stay at home mom. She enjoys spending time with her kids and shooting. Amanda is a passionate Instructor who truly enjoys helping students become better shooters.

Jessica Scott
Jessica works in our Customer Service Department and as an Instructor for both live fire and simulator-based training. She took a career turn from working as a cosmetologist to coming to work at Elite after a happen chance meeting with Greg. In her free time, Jessica loves spending time with her son and her family.

Stephanie Kenneally
Stephanie works at the front desk in our Customer Service department.  She also instructs in our Ladies Basic Pistol Course, our Youth Rifle Program, and our Ladies Defensive Readiness and Concealed Carry Methods Course.  Additionally, Stephanie loves to work with customers in a private instruction setting, helping improve their skills no matter what their need. Outside of Elite, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 19 years and their four children, and is usually baking something from scratch.

Noureen Clements
Noureen floats between Customer Service and Range Safety Officer and Instructor. She enjoys shooting with her husband who is one of the region's up and coming nationally ranked competitive shooters. Noureen is no slouch when it comes to shooting either, she often outshoots her husband and doesn’t mind pointing it out to him.

Charlene Frappier
Charlene is a local native whose family has been in the Manassas area for generations. Her full-time career is as a Registered Dental Hygienist but her enthusiasm for shooting brought her to Elite Shooting Sports. Charlene is our Marketing Specialist promoting the facility through social media, events and networking. In addition, she loves showing new customers the ins and outs of the facility. She is a primary Instructor in both our CCW Programs and Ladies Programs.

John Hermann
John is the senior member of our Range Safety Officer Staff and a Primary Instructor in our Practical Carbine Course. He is the ultimate team player and company man. As shown here modelling our muddy girl camo t-shirts for women, he is willing to do anything for the company. John is a combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. John finished his military career as a primary Instructor at Weapons Training Battalion Quantico, VA. John has multiple instructor certifications and is proficient with just about every weapons platform.

Katie Rohs
Katie is a local native from Nokesville, Virginia and seems to know just about every customer that walks through our doors. She loves the outdoors and is an avid bowhunter. Katie is our Communications Specialist. In addition, she works as a Range Safety Officer/Instructor and occasionally helps at our Customer Service desk. Katie loves shooting rifles in any flavor and has turned in some pretty incredible groups. She is equally proficient with her Glock 19. She enjoys spending her free time with her friends and, especially, her best friend Mini, pictured here with Katie at her desk.  

Zac Brown
Zac is a Range Safety Officer and an Armorer here at Elite Shooting Sports. In addition, he is the Lead Instructor in our Practical Carbine Course. Zac is a combat veteran who came to us after 3 years as the senior firearms instructor at Weapons Training Battalion in Quantico, VA. Zac has multiple instructor certifications and over 2,500 hours of instructional experience. Zac enjoys competing in USPSA Matches and pretty much loves everything to do with firearms and the shooting sports.

Natalia Vlasov
Natalia is our Executive Administrator. She does a lot of the behind-the-scenes IT work including our point of sales system, custom software programs, and inventory management. Additionally, Natalia works as a Range Safety Officer and Instructor. She loves to shoot and is often found on the range during her off hours practicing with her Glock 17, HK P30SK, and AR-15s. She has the uncanny ability to pick up ANY firearm and drill the center out of the bull's-eye with it.

Stephanie Jones
Stephanie is our Training Administrator. She is involved in program and curriculum development, instructor development, and simulator-based training. Stephanie has a passion for instructing, and when she is not teaching students how to shoot, she teaches ballroom dancing in her off hours.

Kevin Gorospe
Kevin is a full-time Firefighter for Fairfax County and works with us at Elite Shooting Sports as a Range Safety Officer and an Armorer. Also, he is a primary instructor in our Practical Carbine Course. Kevin trains as hard with firearms as he does as a firefighter. His enthusiasm for the shooting sports is contagious. Kevin is an active member and leader of his church.

Brooke Redmon
Brooke Redmon
Brooke is a Range Safety Officer and Instructor in our Ladies Only Program. Her full-time career is as a Program Analyst for a National defense company. Brooke is a former NCAA Division 1 athlete and loves coaching volleyball and training with her HK VP9.

Kim Anderson
Kim is a Range Safety Officer and Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports. She enjoys shooting with her husband and is often found here on her days off shooting with her family. Kim enjoys training with her Smith and Wesson M&P.

Taylor Johnson
Taylor is a full-time student and works part time in our Café. She enjoys hunting and shooting with her father and is very active in school activities.

Michael Kenneally
Michael is a full-time student. He works part time in our Café and helps with inventory management. Michael is one of the primary instructors in our Youth Rifle Program.

Henry “Rocky” Colavita
Rocky has had a very distinguished career and we are honored to have him here at Elite Shooting Sports as a senior staff Instructor. Rocky has done it all, combat Veteran with two tours in Vietnam his second as Company Commander, graduated with honors from the Department of Criminal Justice Academy, Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office retiring as Chief Deputy Sherriff, has multiple Instructor certifications, previously worked with Greg for six years at the NRA’s Headquarters Range as a Range Safety Officer and Instructor and now author of his new book “Company Grade."

Norman Librea

Photo - Coming Soon

Norman is a Primary Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports and is involved with staff development. He previously worked with Greg at the NRA Headquarters Range as a Range Safety Officer and Instructor for over 12 years. Norman is a high-level competitive shooter and a martial arts expert.

Kaila Brooks

Kaila floats between the Customer Service and the range desk as Range Safety Officer. She is also an instructor in our Ladies Only Course. Although Kaila is fairly new to shooting, you can often find her out on the range practicing with her S&W M&P9. In her free time, Kaila enjoys spending time with her three children and going to see Batman movies.

Todd Nolte

Todd is a Range Safety Officer/Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports. He is a former combat Veteran and marksmanship instructor at Camp Lejeune, NC. Todd currently works full time as a site manager in the private security industry. Todd previously worked for Mr. Wodack at the NRA Headquarters Range as a Range Safety Officer and Instructor.  Todd enjoys shooting his Walther PPQs (9mm & .45) and Spikes Tactical AR platform.  In his free time, Todd enjoys hiking, swimming, and trying to visit every Civil War battlefield in the Northern Atlantic region.

Jeff Puglisi

Jeff is a Range Safety Officer and Instructor at Elite Shooting Sports. He is a former member of the United States Army and a combat veteran. He is currently enrolled in several college courses and is working his way toward a degree in Criminal Justice. Jeff is a Primary Instructor in our Concealed Carry and Practical Carbine Courses. In his free time, Jeff enjoys trail running, swimming, and watching football.

Nadja Asay

Nadja is a Range Safety Officer at Elite Shooting Sports and enjoys shooting both pistols and rifles to include her concealed carry Glock 43 and her Colt 1911. She also enjoys spending time on the 100-yard range with her M1A. When not working at the range she works full time for the Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her significant other, Dan and their three German Shepherds. She also enjoys wood working, refinishing furniture, schutzhund dog training, and working out.

Matt Bryant

Matt is a Range Safety Officer/Instructor at Elite Shooting Sports. He has a degree in Criminology, Law, and Society with plans of going into Law Enforcement. Matt interned at the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office and is DCJS-certified.

Sarah Sanko

Sarah floats between Customer Service, Range Safety Officer, and Instructor. Born and raised in northeast Ohio, Sarah has had a 9-year career as a 9-1-1 dispatcher before moving to Virginia. She's currently finishing up her nursing degree. In her free time, she loves visiting her family in Ohio and enjoys going shooting with her fiancé and training with her Walther PPQ M2.

Philip "Red" Redlinger

Philip is a Range Safety Officer/Instructor. He grew up around firearms and has been shooting and hunting since he was a child. He has been working in the firearms and tactics industry since college. Philip has a background in competition shooting, hunting, and tactical training. Most of his free time is spent training or working on firearms. 

Tony Olivas

Tony is a Range Safety Officer at Elite Shooting Sports. Tony started his career with the 82nd Airborne Division US Army and continued his service of over 26 years with the United States Government with the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons and Federal Air Marshal Service. Tony finally retired from government service as a Senior Federal Air Marshal August 2015. When Tony is not at Elite practicing on his shooting skills, you can find him swimming, biking or running as he enjoys competing in Ironman 140.6 and Ironman 70.3 distances. But, finally, you can find Tony at the local dog park playing with his Boxer "Canelo," as Tony is a big dog lover.

Halie Sipina

Halie is a full-time college student and private music teacher who works at our Customer Service. She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.

Andrea “Annie” Parrish

Annie, formally from Raleigh, NC, has been in Northern Virginia for five years. She is currently the financial director for a Chick-fil-A store in Gainesville and has recently joined the Customer Service team here at Elite. Annie is a part-time student hoping to attend a physical therapy program and aspires to work with wounded military and their families.

JJ “Josh”

Josh is a Range Safety Officer and Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports. He served nine years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty as a Military Working Dog Handler and as a member of the Special Reaction Team. Josh is a combat veteran who came to us after completing an assignment with a private security firm. He currently serves in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. Josh has multiple instructor certifications and years of law enforcement experience. He enjoys competing in USPSA matches and training canines.

Lindsey Bautista

Lindsey is a Range Safety Officer/Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports. Born and raised in the hay capital of the world, Southeast Kansas, she grew up fishing and cruising dirt roads. Lindsey is a huge animal lover. She enjoys spending her free time doing arts and crafts and shooting here at Elite with her husband.

Christina Ignacio

Christina works part time as a Range Safety Officer. She has worked in the shooting sports industry for eight years. Her full-time career is with a leading firearm sights company. In her spare time, she enjoys shooting, building and restoring firearms, woodworking, and spending lots of quality time with her family and her dog “CoCo.”

Cameron Calfee

Cameron is a Range Safety Officer and Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports. He is a recent college graduate with a major in Biology who is currently working toward a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering. Cameron enjoys spending his free time with friends, shooting his AR and Glocks, as well as his compound bow.

Carl Silverlock

Carl is a Range Safety Officer and Instructor here at Elite Shooting Sports. He is a former member of the Army and a combat veteran. Carl has a degree in Criminology and multiple instructor certifications. He is a world adventurer and fitness enthusiast. In addition, he shares a passion for tactical combat and has a wide variety of weapons experience.

Megan Byram

Megan works here part time as a Customer Service representative. Outside Elite, she is a full-time college student and works full time as a Sales Specialist at REI. She loves spending time outdoors and volunteering for Wildlife Rehab and Fire/EMS.

Sarah Nesterick

Sarah works part time in our Customer Service department. She is a recent college graduate and plans to return to school to become an Occupational Therapist. Sarah is new to shooting and enjoys spending her free time going out on the range with her father.

Diane Corish

Diane works part-time in our Customer Service department. In addition, she is a Social Media Assistant for a non-profit association. Diane is a video game enthusiast and loves spending time with her fiancé and two dogs “Remy” and “Bowie.”

Ana Zavadil

Photo - Coming Soon

Ana works part time in our Customer Service department.
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