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“Unthinkable” is, in brief, a tour of the dark side of criminal violence. In one very full day, attendees will undertake a fast-paced and interactive overview of how dangerous aggressors think as they decide whom to victimize, and we'll review target demeanor and behavior for cues that we appear easily victimized. Hands-on training will introduce robust, effective techniques for disarming an assailant armed with a pistol and the day will finish with an in-depth survey of the best processes and methods to establish a powerful and adaptive defensive mindset.


One Weekend – Two Classes!

Dr. William Aprill’s
Unthinkable: Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme
Saturday, July 22, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: $200 (non-refundable)

and John Murphy’s
Concealed Carry: Skills Beyond the Gun
Sunday, July 23, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: $200 (non-refundable)

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The right of self-defense comes with enormous legal and moral responsibilities. The knowledge required to be a safe, effective, and prudent armed citizen goes far beyond just carrying a firearm and accurate shooting. “Concealed Carry: Skills Beyond the Gun” fills that knowledge void by going in-depth on the aspects and perspectives of concealed carry that aren’t addressed in basic permit courses or advanced shooting classes. Based upon a multi-media/lecture/practical application format, students will be immersed in the realities of interacting with society while armed via “Recognition Based Decision Modelling” and gain experience in a scenario-based learning environment.

Learn pepper spray use, pre-incident indicators, concealed carry tactics, critical negotiation skills, and more!

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